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Senstroke, an awesome assistant for drummers

Senstroke is the first connected solution that allows you to play drums, record and improve anywhere.
Using Bluetooth technology, simply attach Senstroke sensors to your drumsticks, your feet, and play on any surface.

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The Senstroke series
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    Senstroke beginner pack

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    Ultimate Senstroke Box

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    Senstroke : 4 Sensors Standard Pack

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Senstroke allows you to play everywhere. Just grab your drumsticks, sensors & app.
You can then play on any surface: transform any daily object into a snare drum, tom, or cymbal !


The sensors allow you to record your drumming sessions without any effort. From your smartphone, tablet or computer, save your playing sessions in MIDI format in one click with our application or your favorite DAW software !


Progress quickly with Senstroke . You can finally play as much as you want !

In addition, thanks to our numerous application’s updates”, you will soon be able to enjoy interactive lessons.

Senstroke features

A virtual drumkit

With Senstroke, discover the first connected drumkit that allows you to play, record and progress by playing on any surface.

IOS and Android compatible

The Senstroke application is free and compatible with smartphones and tablets under IOS (.10 and above) and Android (.6 and above), we recommend you to check out our list of supported Android devices.

Very fast to setup

Starting to play with Senstroke is very fast and easy : launch the application, connect the sensors, and play anywhere !


Play realistically

Our product has been designed to capture every drumstick’s rebounds and feet’s vibrations, regardless of your localization and playing surface : whether you play on a table, a cushion, or on your knees, experience genuine drumming sensations!”

Record all your sessions

As a drummer, you know that recording your sessions can be complicated and expensive. However with Senstroke, record your drumming sessions simultaneously with MIDI files, thanks to our application or any other DAW software.

Improve yourself

If you want to improve, it is essential to practice and work on different exercises every day. You will be able to have drum lessons and follow your progress in real time thanks to our updates !

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Senstroke by Redison

Redison brings you innovative solutions to make your life easier. Thanks to new technologies and innovation, our wish is to offer new solutions for people.

Redison Music is the 100% dedicated subsidiary of Redison.

Passionate about music and drums, we choose Senstroke as the first of many projects !

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