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Senstroke, an awesome assistant for drummers

Senstroke is a solution made for drummers by drummers.
We have created a revolutionnary electronical assistant for drummers.
Whether you are a beginner, experienced or professional, you’ll find in Senstroke incredible features !

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Senstroke gives you the opportunity to play everywhere. Just take your sticks, your sensors & app and then hit whatever you want !


Senstroke will allow you to record your drum play without effort. In the app, tap on the record button and play ! Your record will then be exportable into MIDI format.


Thanks to Senstroke, you will have a personnal drummer teacher in your pocket. You will just need to select your drum lesson, and play ! This will allow you to see if you are in the right tempo, track and share your progress and many more things to come…

Un seul outil pour jouer, apprendre et s'enregistrer ? Drumistic promet de devenir le nouveau meilleur ami du batteur. On a hâte de le tester...- Sébastien Benoits - Rédacteur en chef Batterie Magazine
Amis batteurs et percussionnistes: Drumistic à suivre de très près !- Max Catteloin - Skip the Use, The NoFace
Une belle invention qui ouvre de nouvelles perspectives pédagogiques et créatives aux batteurs/percussionnistes- Marc Rouvé - Directeur de la publication de Batteur Mag'
I learned the drums by myself, but I'm not very technical... Thanks to Drumistic I will be able to progress with a virtual coach and I will follow my progress! I am impatient- Jules Delf

IOS and Android compatible

We think Senstroke can benefit all drummers. The app is compatible with both IOS and android
Of course, our applications will be totally free. Enjoy !

Created by drummers

Because we believe that only a drummer can know what a drummer needs, we created this product with many drummers around the world.

Very fast to setup

Each drummer is different and has a unique style. because it is very important to keep your playing habits intact, we have created a very fast product to setup. Senstroke can be fully integrated with your style and playing environment.


Play with rebound

Senstroke can manage the rebound everywhere. Whether you hit a real tom, a practice pad or even a simple pillow, it was designed for that ! Just hit with your drumsticks and your feet and enjoy our app.

Record all your play

As a drummer, you know that recording yourself may be complicated and exepensive. Senstroke was designed to make your life easier. In less than 5 minutes, save your tracks in real time into MIDI files !

Improve !

If you want to progress, it is essential to practice and work different exercises every day. Thanks to Senstroke, you will be able to have drum lessons and follow your progress in real time !


Senstroke is a resource-intensive project. We work hard to offer you the best product as soon as possible. Follow our progress !
1. Project Launch !

1. Project Launch !

We had the Senstroke idea in 2015. We have thought a lot about the functionnalities.

2. R&D

2. R&D

Senstroke is a high electronical and app project. We have to make the best product of the world, so it takes a lot of time.

3. Kickstarter campaign !

3. Kickstarter campaign !

Launch of our crowdfunding campaign !

4. Marketing and sales

4. Marketing and sales

We’ll offer Senstroke to the rest of the world in Summer 2018 !

Made by Drummers for Drummers

What is Drumistic ?

Drumistic is a company based on new technologies and innovation. Our wish is to offer new solutions for people, thanks to our research and development.

The team is made up of people passionate about music and drums : this is why we decided to choose Senstroke as our first product !

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