How to test your smartphone’s latency

It is possible to test your smartphone or tablet’s latency before purchasing Senstroke sensors.

This trick is very useful for Android smartphone owners.
Indeed, the audio latency (time between the moment you hit a surface with the sensors and the moment the sound of the drum is produced) will be more or less important when using Senstroke sensors.
This depends mainly on the brand and model of the Android smartphone or tablet used.

How do I test the latency of my smartphone?

In order to guarantee you an optimal experience, you can test the latency of your smartphone at any time.

To do so, simply download the Senstroke application, available on iOS and Android.
Download links : App Store | Play Store

Then launch the Senstroke application.

A screen indicating your latency will be displayed.


Nevertheless, it is still possible to play with Senstroke sensors, even if your smartphone has audio latency.
However, although it is possible to play with Senstroke with some latency, we do not recommend it in order to avoid degrading your experience with the sensors.

What should I do if my smartphone has a too high latency?

If you realize that your smartphone has a too high latency, and that it makes it difficult for you to play with the sensors, don’t panic: there are solutions.

Use an appropriate smartphone

In order to make the best use of Senstroke sensors, it is advisable to use a smartphone with iOS.
They usually have better latency management compared to their Android equivalents.

Nevertheless, more and more recent Android smartphones allow a good experience with Senstroke.
You can refer to our list of compatible smartphones.
This list is regularly updated.

Play with the Senstroke app on a computer

It is possible to connect the sensors to your computer on Windows 10, MacOS or Linux.
We invite you to refer to our list of Senstroke tutorials in order to find out how to do this for your OS.

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