Redison 11″ Rubber Practice Pad


Specifications :
Product Dimensions : 11 inches – 28 cm
Thickness : 5 mm
Type : Redison 11″
Color : Black
Material : Rubber based

Delivery times :
3 to 5 days inside the European Union
5 to 10 days outside the European Union

Free shipping for orders over 30€ purchase


Whether you want to use them with Senstroke sensors or as a simple practice pad, Redison practice pads offer impeccable bounce quality.
Made of black rubber, they are extremely soft and resistant to wear and rips.
It is also possible to fold them in order to take them away everywhere in a bag without any damage.

Redison practice pads offer a noise reduction of 10 decibels (micro at 2 meters). This represents a noise reduction of 50% in comparison with traditional pad.
In addition, the pads are non-slip which allows them to be placed a variety of surfaces, even slightly inclined without moving.

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