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Ultimate Senstroke Box


This Senstroke Ultimate Pack includes :

Download the Senstroke app : App Store | Play Store

Compatibility :
IOS 10 and above
Android 8 and above
For Android users : see the supported devices

Battery life : 12 hours (3 hours of complete loading)

Delivery times :
3 to 5 days inside the European Union
5 to 10 days outside the European Union

Free shipping for orders over 90€ purchase


This Senstroke Ultimate box contains everything you need to use sensors in a flexible and quiet environment.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced drummer, enjoy a complete experience with Redison 7A drumsticks adapted to Senstroke sensors, as well as pads designed to provide an optimal rebound sensation.

In this pack, you will find 4 Senstroke sensors to attach on your drumsticks and on your feet. These sensors allow you to play, register and improve your drumming in any place.
Once the sensors connected to the Senstroke app, just define a playing area and have fun !

We decided to make drumsticks, and to include a pair in this pack. Thereby, you only have to fix the sensors on it !
Made of Hickory wood and in 7A size, these drumsticks will satisfy all drummers.

Finally, even if it is possible to hit any surface with Senstroke sensors fixed on your drumsticks, we decided to include 3 practice pads in this pack. Made of rubber, they help reduce the sound of the impact and offer a rebound feeling as realistic as it can be.

Easily foldable and stored in a bag, take out your pads and put them anywhere for an optimal rebound !

Senstroke Video Tutorial

What they think of Senstroke : 


“You’ve engineered a great product !” Nasheet Waits, jazz drummer

“An impressive invention, transcending the classical conception of the drums !” Batterie Magazine

“A revolutionnary electronical assistant for drummers” Drumperium


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