Recall the last configured drumkit with Senstroke

When you turn the Senstroke sensors back on, it is possible to recall the last drum kit used in your previous play session.

This feature is mainly useful if you have configured a drum kit with the application’s advanced mode, as the sensors keep the last used drum kit in memory.

Senstroke sensors pairing

When you turn the sensors back on, the first step is to pair them with the Senstroke application.


To do this, go to the sensor pairing screen.


Pair the sensors. Go to our page dedicated to sensor pairing if you want to see the detailed instructions.

It is essential to pair the sensors in the same order as in your previous use.

If you don’t, you will need to reconfigure a drum kit if you are using the advanced mode.


Recall the last saved kit

Recalling the last drumkit configured with Senstroke sensors is very easy to use.

Point the drum sticks in the direction you want to define the placement of your snare drum.
Perform a simple pressure on the sensor buttons.


Warning: if you keep pressing the sensors for too long, they will disconnect. A simple and brief press is enough.

As we explained in our configuration guides for beginner and advanced modes, this operation also allows you to instantly reorient the drum kit.

This tip is very useful if you want to move and redefine your kit without having to reconfigure it.