Save and load a drum kit with Senstroke

The Senstroke application has two play modes: beginner mode and advanced mode.

While the beginner mode allows you to play with a pre-configured drum kit, it is possible to create your own kit in the advanced mode, and save it.

Configure a drum kit in advanced mode

We refer you to the “Advanced Mode Configuration” page to create your own drum kit in the Senstroke application.

Save your drum kit

In this example, we will use a kit composed of a snare drum, Charleston cymbals, crash cymbal, floor Tom, bass drum and Charleston pedals.

Once the drum kit is configured in advanced mode, press the name of your current kit to save it.


Press “Save my kit”.


You can then give it a custom name. Let’s call it “tutorial”.


A message then indicates that your kit has been saved.

Load a saved drumkit

To load a saved kit, press the name of your kit again.

The list of your saved kits then appears, with the number of sensors used and their names.
You can then delete or load a kit of your choice.


Important : when changing kits, do not forget to re-align the kit by performing a kit recall. Just point your drumsticks to the center of where you want to have your snare drum, and make a short click on the sensor buttons.

Your kit is then loaded.