Senstroke – Configuration : Calibratation of the sensors

Calibratation of the Senstroke sensors

To ensure proper use of the sensors, it is essential to calibrate them regularly or when you feel that the accuracy of the sensors is less good. The calibration helps a sensor to locate itself in space .

In order to calibrate the sensors, slide 1 sensor on each drumstick (see 4 for mounting instructions).
In the sensor pairing screen, on each line of the connected sensors, slide your finger to the left to access the “calibrate” option.

Here is how to proceed :

  • The first consists in putting the drumstick equipped with a sensor on a table for calibration and leaving it completely immobile for a few seconds. An animation will show you the validation of the calibration.
    This step allows the sensor to position itself in space.


  • The second step consists in rotating the sensor on itself on vertical and horizontal axes so that the sensor can visualize all the axes of the room.
  • This second manipulation is only needed for the advanced mode
  • Here is an effective way to proceed :


  • A message will then be displayed to let you know that the calibration has been completed.
    This calibration step will allow your sensors to resist shocks without losing their configuration.
  • Repeat this operation for all sensors.
  • For foot sensors, we recommend you to slide them onto the drumsticks for calibration and then put them back on your feet.
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