Senstroke – Setup : Play in beginner mode

Configure your kit with Senstroke in beginner mode

The beginner mode

In the beginner mode, configuring the drum kit is automatic. You can use the snare drum, hi-hat, ride cymbal, bass drum pedal and hi-hat pedal.
This configuration cannot be modified in beginner mode to offer you a “Plug & Play” experience.
If you only have two sensors, the bass drum will not be activated.

Beginner Mode Video Tutorial

The beginner mode configuration is available in the video down below :

Drumkit configuration

Once the sensors have been paired and calibrated, return to the drum kit screen. The active elements of the beginner mode are then in color.


You can then play directly without any additional configuration.
As a reminder, it is necessary to respect the zones and angles defined by the beginner mode, namely :

  • The hi-hat


  • The snare drum


The ride cymbal


IMPORTANT: It is essential to respect the angles defined during configuration for the sensors to work properly. If the angles are not maintained, the different elements can be intermixed while playing.

Switch to “advanced mode”

To switch to advanced mode, press the “advanced mode” icon at the top right of your screen.
A message will then ask you if you want to switch to advanced mode.

To find out more about the advanced mode, go to our advanced mode configuration page.

Instantly reposition the drum kit

If you have to move or rotate on yourself, simply point the drumsticks towards the new snare drum location, and press the sensor ignition button with a simple (not prolonged) push.


This instant calibration allows you to move in any direction, play on stage in a stable way, and correct the occasional drift of sensor angles without having to perform the configuration process a second time.

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